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August 2013

The Return of Section 28? Tony Fenwick writes in 'The Independent'

“The return of Section 28? This can’t be brushed aside as an ‘oversight’
If schools are basing policies on outdated laws, it is very much a problem.” Read Tony Fenwick’s article from today’s Independent, where he responds to this weekend’s revelation that as many as 45 schools may be implementing SRE policies lifted almost wholly from pre-2003, Section 28-era documentation.

History Month 2014: Music – Want to be involved in February 2014 ?

Every year HM is represented by a famous ‘face’, to inspire you to create….this year we have 4! Find information on “Faces of ’14” here – Benjamin Britten, Angela Morley, Bessie Smith, Ethel Smyth. Plus…Are you a music-licensed venue with space available in February during LGBT History Month? Are you an artist/performer/group/band who want to organise an event to celebrate History Month 2014?