New Service to Report Trans Hate Crime

The Home Office has awarded GIRES a grant to fund a national system for reporting transphobic crime. Appended below are examples of the crimes that trans people have experienced. It appears that only a few victims of such crime report it to the police. One young trans person we know has experienced 60 criminal incidents in the past six months, which include being beaten up and a death threat. Yet she hopes by suffering all this persecution with dignity she will teach the perpetrators to behave better without involving the police. There are other reasons for not involving the police: the fear of being outed in Court; the lack of confidence that the police will deal sensitively and properly with the incident. Yet we know from our work with police forces throughout the UK that many are fully aware of the needs of trans people and very keen to support them. enables crimes to be reported confidentially and leaves it the individual to decide what information should be passed on to the police.
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