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Middle C: A Year-Long Transition from Woman to Man

>The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation presents the first person documentary Middle C, in which Tristan R. Whiston chronicles his year-long gender transition from woman to man – through the change in his singing voice.

Tristan first performed as solo soprano at the age of six. Years of hard work led to an accomplished singing career.

But two years ago, Tristan decided to give up the most precious thing a singer has — the voice.

For a year, Tristan kept audio diaries, including milestones like the his first testosterone shot and the first time he shaved.

This documentary (made for Outfront) won the Premios Ondas award for International Radio and a silver medal at the New York Festivals.

Tristan has worked in Toronto’s independent theatre community for almost two decades. As an amateur boxer, he fought in over 40 bouts, competing provincially, nationally and internationally.

The documentary is available to listen and for download on the BBC World Service website here.

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