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Chair of EHRC Apologises and Suggests Anti-LGBT Priest Appointment Might Have Been a Mistake

>At the Lesbian and Gay Christain Movement conference, Faith, Homophobia. Transphobia, & Human Rights – building positive alliances for equality and sexual diversity, Trevor Phillips, Chair of the Equality & Human Rights Commission, spoke candidly about his position in the face of the controversies over the appointment of the Revd. Joel Edwards, former General Secretary of the Evangelical Alliance, to a Commissioner role for faith issues.

Responding to tough questioning, he told the conference that had he known at the time of the appointment what he knew now, how deeply people had been hurt and alienated over this, maybe there would have been a different outcome. Phillips’ apologies for Edwards’ appointment left a number of unanswered questions which the Conference Steering Group will continue to pursue. Recognising the human cost of social exclusion, Trevor Phillips admitted that LGBT people had in the past not felt that their concerns were being taken seriously enough. He expressed his own commitment and that of the Commission to striving for rights for all.

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