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California Upholds Same-Sex Marriage Ban but Protects Already Married Couples

>The California Supreme Court decided on May 26th to uphold Proposition 8 banning same sex marriage throughout the state. However, judges also agreed unanimously not to annul the 18,000 same sex marriages that have taken place.
“The marriages of same-sex couples performed prior to the effective date of Proposition 8 remain valid and must continue to be recognized in this state,” wrote Justice Ronald M.George.
Thousands of people have been marching in protest against the decision across the USA and about 200 people, (including religious people) have been arrested.

Read more about it in the LA Times here. The paper also offers a legal perspective on the event, here.
Several commentators however manage to find the silver lining in today’s cloud. Mark Morford in the San Francisco Chronicle, thinks that the enemies of gay marriage have already lost, while Dan Savage, in the Seattle Stranger, thinks that we are winning.
You can find a (visual) History of Gay Marriage Bans in the US (see image above) here.

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