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Deported Homosexual Comes Out

>Four weeks ago, this blog reported that a monument to the gay victims of the Nazis had been unveiled in Berlin. In his speech the Culture Minister, Bernd Neumann, had deplored the fact that, because of it having been delayed for so long, there was no living survivor to attend the ceremony.

This proved however to be not entirely true. On hearing the reports of the event, Rudolf Brazda got in touch with the German Gay and Lesbian Federation (LSVD). Aged 95, Brazda, who was born in Sudetenland (the German majority ethnic part of the then Czechoslovakia), had moved to France after surviving his deportation to Buchenwald and following a French straight friend he had met in the camps. His story has been authenticated by the LSVD.

Alexander Zinn, spokesman for the LSVD, thinks the Brazda might not be the only survivor still alive. “No one has invested the time and money required to try and find survivors,” he declared, ” We only know about those who have spoken out.” Zinn, who met Brazda two weeks ago also explained that the man had lived for 35 years in France with his companion until that one’s death, six years ago.”

Rudolf Brazda missed the ceremony in Berlin but he will be there for Pride this Saturday when he will attend a special event at the new memorial. He will also take part in a conference on the history of homosexual deportation by the Nazis.

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