Women’s Football World Cup on BBC2

>One of our readers sends us the following:
The closing matches of the Women’s Football World Cup are taking place this weekend in Shanghai.

The Final, between Germany and Brazil, will be shown live on BBC2 (and online) this Sunday 30th September at 12:45pm.

The playoff for 3rd and 4th places will also be available live online at BBCi at 10:00am Sunday 30th September.

See the BBC Women’s Football page for further details and related links here

I’m thrilled that the BBC decided to air the matches. There are not a lot of publicly “out” bisexual or lesbian players on the teams, and given China’s poor human rights track record around LGBT issues, it’s not surprising that bisexual and lesbian players do not feel safe being open about their identity. Support women’s sport and the lesbian and bi sportspeople who are on all the teams – and enjoy some great football!

NOTE: I am having trouble finding an LGBT-positive venue that is screening the matches, even in London. Suggest to your local that they might want to show the match!

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