Press Release: LGBT History Month Celebrates Black History Month UK.

>LGBT History Month is very proud to celebrate Black History Month, which takes place every October in the United Kingdom. Black History Month is now one of the cultural landmarks of British life.

It seeks to celebrate the lives and achievements of black people everywhere, to give back to black people the history that has so often been distorted, rewritten or ignored. Like LGBT History Month, it seeks to replace ignorance and prejudice with knowledge and understanding, to speak directly to its own peoples and to the society as a whole. It benefits every one of us.

Paul Patrick, co-chair of LGBT History Month, stated, “ It is impossible for any group to develop a knowledge of who they are without an understanding of their history; it is impossible for a society to understand who its members are and how they may celebrate the diversity that such a wide membership brings without that same understanding. Black History Month seeks to do in October what LGBT History Month seeks to do in February, to make visible and accessible to all the histories, lives and achievements of a section of society, too often ignored or misunderstood.

“It is also a timely reminder to all of us that the Black and LGBT communities are as wide and diverse as any others and to that end we will be looking at the specific contributions made by Black LGBT people.

“We want to see a greater LGBT presence celebrating Black History Month and a greater Black presence celebrating LGBT History Month so why not organise events for both. If it is too late for this year then start thinking about next year now! Visit our website; see for yourself and use our new forum to make your own contribution to this work.”

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