Beautiful Things

>Jane Horrocks in Came Out, It Rained, Went Back in AgainFrom 6 July 2007, anyone visiting the revamped home of the British Film Institute on the Southbank in London will be able to view an extraordinary diversity of films and TV programmes exploring queer identities across the last century.Wholesale Snapback.
In the dark old days of British film and television any appearance from a lesbian or gay man was something to celebrate – even if they tended to be predatory bull dykes in sensible shoes or screaming nancy boys with a taste for angora.
On 27 July 1967 the Sexual Offences Act became law, finally decriminalising consensual sex between two men in private. To mark the 40th anniversary of this step towards greater equality, Beautiful Things offers 100 films and television programmes that chronicle and explore queer representation and identities over the last century. All titles are available to view absolutely free via the Mediatheque, a new resource that opens the treasures of the BFI’s unique collection to the public.Cheap Snapbacks Hats for sale.
The Beautiful Things collection features landmark dramas such as Victim (1961), The Naked Civil Servant (1975) and Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit (1990). Perhaps more significantly, Beautiful Things makes available films, TV dramas and documentaries that have been unavailable since their first release or broadcast.
Thirty years ago many of us cringed when Larry Grayson and John Inman minced around on primetime TV. Times have changed. Or have they? Revisit or discover the icons, the trailblazers and the tortured souls of yesteryear and decide for yourself.
Highlights from the new Mediatheque collection have also brought together to be shown for free in the Studio throughout July (starting on the 1st). This programme includes extracts from London Town (1946), featuring a remarkably gay turn from Sid Field; The Naked Civil Servant (1975), starring a purple-haired John Hurt as Quentin Crisp; and Jane Horrocks appearing as a learner lesbian in Came Out, It Rained, Went Back in Again (1991). Click here for times of showing.
Beautiful Things will form the focus for Generations of Love – a year-long collaboration between the Mediatheque and the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival in partnership with the Mayor of London. Generations of Love will provide a space for older members of our communities to share experiences through film, discussion and reminiscence.Cheap Snapbacks Free Shipping.
Highlights of the collection:
Women’s Rights (1899)
Two second rate Victorian transvestites strut their stuff.
First a Girl (1935)
Jessie Matthews dons a tuxedo in the great cross-dressing musical comedy.
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A Taste of Honey (1961)
Murray Melvin stars as Rita Tushingham’s gay best friend in the Salford-set classic.
This Week: Lesbians (1965)
British lesbians finally get a TV programme to themselves.
Edward II (1970)
Ian McKellen delivers British TV’s first gay kiss.
Girl (1974)
Alison Steadman gets steamy under the surplus blanket with Corporal Harvey.
Inappropriate Behaviour (1987)
A psychologist finds herself drawn to her 15-year-old pupil (Charlotte Coleman).
The Lost Language of Cranes (1992)
Nature or nurture? A father and son discover they have something in common.
It’s Not Unusual (1997)
Potent and moving series based on the testimonies of British lesbians and gay men.
Torchwood (2007)
Bringing the collection up to date… Captain Jack falls in love with a handsome young squadron leader.
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