Cheryl Morgan introduces us to the Chosen of the Goddess

Media coverage of trans people often states that we are a recent invention, perhaps dating only from 1930s Germany. The reality is much more complicated. People have been living lives outside of the gender binary for all of human history. Indeed, in the past societies were often more open to different genders than they are […]

Jon Vincent is Flicking back the pages …

Flicking back the pages … Through using my personal ‘story’, this presentation will outline how libraries can support LGBTQ people, especially in their coming out, and will emphasise their positive role in people’s lives. John Vincent has worked in the public sector since the 1960s, primarily for Hertfordshire, Lambeth and Enfield library services. In 1997, […]

Speaker Offered on Famous Victorian Writer John Addington Symonds

I’ve recently finished editing a new and complete edition of John Addington Symonds’s Memoirs, and this should be published in late January 2017 Symonds was a famous Victorian writer, and his remarkable autobiography (which survives in manuscript form, locked away in the London Library) tells the story of his struggles to understand, express and […]