Italian Teenager's Letter Sparks Anti-Homophobia Debate among Right

A letter from a desperate gay teenager, published in the centre-left newspaper La Reppublica, has started a debate about homophobia and civil partnerships in the Popolo della Libertà party (PDL); the party started by Silvio Berlusconi no less. After the moving letter, in which 17 year old Davide Trancredi despairs of his country’s position, saying […]

New Zealand's X-Factor shows extent of homophobia on social media

From wild card leading contestant Scott Fletcher-Mills to judge Daniel Bedingfield, X-Factor participants know the extent of homophobic abuse in New Zealand. Not that they are confronted with it in the street. It’s their Twitter accounts that are bombarded with messages such as: “faggot”, “homo”, and “Ha, gay, kill yaself”. The New Zealand government plans […]

Accrington Remembers Lucy

Teachers, pupils and union members marched in Accrington to remember Lucy Meadows. Lucy, a teacher at St Mary Magdalen’s Primary, died last month after starting the term as a woman following a gender transition, with the support of the school. On Saturday, nearly 100 colleagues, supporters and community members took part in the march to […]

Ravi Sentenced

After all the brou-ha-ha and the rumours of a decade of detention and deportation; the rejection of the plea-bargaining and the column inches of opinion; the verdict has been given: Dharun Ravi will face a 30 day prison sentence, 3 years’ probation, 300 hours community service, counselling and a $10,000 dollar penalty to be paid […]

Health Service failing Gay and Bisexual men according to Stonewall

The world’s largest ever health survey of gay and bisexual men has found they get left behind by the health service in the UK. The survey shows that more gay and bisexual men attempt suicide, worry about their bodies and suffer eating related illnessses than their straight counterparts. More worrying perhaps, si that almost half […]

Ravi: Crass Yes; Criminal No

Research professor in law Paul Butler (pictured) says Dharun Ravi is a victim of the USA’s rush to find legal solution for every problem that arises. Dharun Ravi is international news since he filmed his Chicago roommate Tyler Clementi having sex with a man and showed it to friends, then tweeted that Clementi was gay. […]

Asylum Seekers' Update

On International Women’s Day we got the fantastic news that Amanpreet Kaur was released from detention in Yarl’s Wood IRC.  Ms Kaur is a lesbian woman who was detained for three months and twice threatened with imminent removal when the authorities refused to let her make an asylum claim based on the persecution she fears […]