Gendered Intelligence launches new showcase at the Science Museum, ‘What makes your gender?'

Gendered Intelligence launches new showcase at the Science Museum,‘What makes your gender?’ – Throughout LGBT History Month this February and continuing into April 2014, the Science Museum will showcase a new display that asks its audience: What makes up your gender? The display, which can be seen in the Who am I? Gallery, aims to demonstrate a shift away from seeing gender simply as a boy/girl binary towards viewing gender as something much more dynamic.

Gendered Intelligence Showcase

GI’s Anatomy is a Wellcome Trust funded project delivered by Gendered Intelligence, in collaboration with London Drawing. It aims to engage the public with ideas of sex and gender diversity through a series of life drawing workshops. We worked with 30 transgender and intersex people who took part in a series of practical life drawing […]

Linda Bellos to Speak at Bletchley Park

Black lesbian feminist and equal rights activist Linda Bellos will speak at Bletchley Park next month as part of a celebration of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) people.   The veteran campaigner, whose socialist and inclusionist ideology led her to be branded one of the ‘loony left’ by the Sun in the eighties, will […]