Equivocal Government Statement Raises Section 28 Revival Fears in Scotland

Scotland’s Equality Network was asking for clarity yesterday after an equivocal statement from a Government spokesperson implied LGBT issues could be ‘censored’ from the curriculum. It all began with right-wing Scottish lobby group Scotland for Marriage protesting outside a public forum at Renfrew Town Hall. They were there to remonstrate with SNP ministers – who wish to legalise […]

Vietnam to consider same-sex marriage

Vietnam’s legal advisers are considering the legalisation of same-sex marriage in an overhaul of the state’s marriage laws. This would make it the first Asian state to allow same sex couples to wed. The communist state has a poor record on human rights, including routine punishments for homosexuality, so the decision comes as something of […]

Scottish parliament to vote on same-sex marriage

Holyrood has pipped the Commons to the post by announcing plans to introduce a bill to perform same-sex marriages ahead of Northern Ireland, England and Wales. The Scottish Government intends to go ahead with the Bill despite opposition from religious groups and calls for a referendum by the Catholic Church of Scotland. If introduced, same sex couples […]

Come Out 4 Marriage

A new cross party and cross media campaign, Out4Marriage.org, to support changing the law to allow gay couples to marry has launched to help spread the message that most people in Britain and indeed the Western world, are happy to “come Out4Marriage”. Out4Marriage is modeled on the hugely successful ‘It Gets Better’ YouTube project launched […]

Same Sex Marriage? So What's New

There’s nothing new about same-sex marriage, according to The LGBT Excellence Centre in Wales. Egyptians, Mesopotanians, Greeks and Romans all has some kind of same-sex ceremonies, barren woman in African tribes married other women, North American native men were accepted as brides as well as a host of other arrangements in other parts of the […]

Howarth: We Must Ditch Same-Sex Marriage

Senior Tories warned against loyal voters decamping to the more right wing anti-Europe UKIP Party after the drubbing they and their LibDem Coalition partners received in the Local elections. But fears that same-sex marriage be a victim of their electoral disaster grew yesterday after right wingers within the party urged a return to traditional ‘core’ […]

Tie the Knot in…Thanet

The first local authority to endorse the government’s proposals for same sex marriage is…Brighton? Manchester? London? Hebdon Bridge perhaps. No. Thanet! Yes, that little doorknob on the north east corner of Kent that encompasses Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs is the first to put its head above the parapet and say it looks forward to marrying same […]

Church: We support long term same-sex relationships – but not marriage (yet)

The Anglican Church’s bench of Bishops – the whole body of English prelates assembled in council – have stated their current stance on same-sex unions. It said it: “Abides by the Christian doctrine of marriage as the union of one man with one woman freely entered into for life. Acknowledges that whilst issues of human sexuality are […]