New Zealand's X-Factor shows extent of homophobia on social media

From wild card leading contestant Scott Fletcher-Mills to judge Daniel Bedingfield, X-Factor participants know the extent of homophobic abuse in New Zealand. Not that they are confronted with it in the street. It’s their Twitter accounts that are bombarded with messages such as: “faggot”, “homo”, and “Ha, gay, kill yaself”. The New Zealand government plans […]

Social change will take time, Olympian says

Gay New Zealand Olympian Blake Skjellerup has welcomed the passage of the marriage equality law, saying it reflects the fact that New Zealand stands resolutely against discrimination, but points out there is still progress to be made.   The speedskater is a GLBT youth advocate and patron of the QSA (Queer-Straight Alliance) Network Aotearoa. The […]

Green lesbian feminist 'leftie' gives it to them with both barrels in New Zealand

Taking her place in the New Zealand House of┬áRepresentatives, the NZ parliament’s third out lesbian Jan Logie opened her ‘maiden’ speech by saying “I stand here as a leftie, feminist lesbian.” The 42 year old with a background in social work then went on to assert the endemic nature of gender based violence in the […]