Barilla Pasta Announces Major 'Diversity and Inclusion' Initiative in Response to Anti-Gay Controversy

Barilla Pasta Announces Major ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ Initiative in Response to Anti-Gay Controversy – Barilla, the international pasta maker who came under fire in September after its chairman Guido Barilla told a radio host that gay people could find another brand if they didn’t like the fact that the company would never make an advertisement with gay people in it, today announced a new Diversity & Inclusion Board, a Global Diversity Officer, and participation in the HRC Corporate Equality Index.

Why Italian Homophobia is Leaving Millions Trapped in the Darkness

Unlike other western and European countries, Italian LGBT people can’t marry or have their partnership recognised by the state. It’s a ridiculous situation that leaves millions of people trapped in the darkness.
In recent decades the whole political class has vetoed the implementation on any kind of regulation. However the majority of the population is not against granting civil partnerships official status. It is a political problem

Magazine Confirms Italy Is Still The Basket Case of the West on LGBT Rights

The Italian weekly L’Espresso published an article on September 6th lambasting the nation for its persistent and continued homophobia. In an article entitled ‘L’Italia AntiGay’ the respected periodical describes homophobia in Italy as being “Like an epidemic from the past, with no antidote”. The article claims that there were 20,000 plus requests for help from […]

Italian Teenager's Letter Sparks Anti-Homophobia Debate among Right

A letter from a desperate gay teenager, published in the centre-left newspaper La Reppublica, has started a debate about homophobia and civil partnerships in the Popolo della Libertà party (PDL); the party started by Silvio Berlusconi no less. After the moving letter, in which 17 year old Davide Trancredi despairs of his country’s position, saying […]

Outing comes out in Italy

An Italian Blog has “outed” 10 MPs as a protest against the state’s homophobic policies and laws. The blog’s authors said the aim was “to bring a bit of justice into a country where people have no way of defending themselves against daily insults and attacks from hypocritical politicians.” “We decided to start with these […]

Italy Rejects LGBT 'Hate Crime' Bill

Italy’s parliament has rejected a bill to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people from discrimination. The Chamber of Deputies voted yesterday 293 votes to 250 not to approve the legislation. Gay rights campaigners have called on the European Union to step in. Italy already bans discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, ethnicity and […]