LGBT HM USA – Qist Update

Quist has a lot of exciting things going on for October.
• We are partnering with the It Gets Better Project who will be sharing Quist’s historical events with their followers every week! Watch their Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.
• We just might be releasing Quist merchandise this month.
• Quist’s founder Sarah Prager will be presenting about Quist at a high school in Connecticut and a community college in Illinois in the next few weeks. She’s booking for future engagements too.

Come Out 4 Marriage

A new cross party and cross media campaign,, to support changing the law to allow gay couples to marry has launched to help spread the message that most people in Britain and indeed the Western world, are happy to “come Out4Marriage”. Out4Marriage is modeled on the hugely successful ‘It Gets Better’ YouTube project launched […]