You Will Be Taught Sex (Properly)

The Government made history today when it was announced that Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) will be inclusive; relevant and updated; and compulsory in all schools in England and Wales, following an announcement by Justine Greening, ¬†Secretary for State for Education. The current SRE guidelines have been mostly unchanged since 2000 and they only applied […]

Miller Backs Same-Sex Marriage

Same sex marriage supporters may take comfort from the new Culture Minister’s interview with The Sunday Times last week, as she said she believed “everyone should get married.” Maria Miller added that she believed same-sex marriage would “strengthen society”. The new Undersecretary for Women and Equalities, Helen Grant, has not yet made her feelings clear. […]

Convictions to be Repealed on a Case-by-Case Basis

The Home Office’s stated intention to wipe off pre-1967 convictions for homosexual acts that would have been legal today will not be an across-the-board arrangement, the Government has announced. Instead, people convicted under the indecency laws that outlawed any same sex male relations will have to apply to have their¬†convictions¬†quashed and wait while a case-worker […]