New Turing Film

A new short film about Alan Turing’s contribution to the birth of the modern computer and his work in Britain following the war is now available. Based on Turing’s work with the National Physics Laboratory (NPL), the film features Tom Vickers, who knew Turing and worked on the Pilot ACE at the Laboratory. Almost single-handedly […]

New British Film to Premiere in Bournemouth

A new British film will portray a gay relationship from many years ago and how an act of treachery brought it to a tragic outcome. Set in  a Somerset village, Rufus Stone is a picture of what life was like for a young gay man in rural England in the-not-very-distant-past. Devised by Kip Jones and […]

Critically acclaimed student film breaks new boundaries

At the end of June, the year 10 Creative and Media Diploma students of 2011 had the premiere of their film “Homophobia – Our Closeted Education”. The film received an outstanding response and was said to be one of the most professional films made by students. This was an amazing collaboration between The Magna Carta […]

New LGBT Timeline

Christine Burns and her colleagues at NHS North West have just launched the online version of the LGBT History Timeline after talking to Sue at LGBT History Month. It’s available here. As you’ll see, it has several components. There’s a scrolling timeline that covers more than two millenia. Then there’s the film. There’s a ‘flashbook’ […]