Camden LGBT Forum and The British Museum Present: The Fifth LGBT Film D

Saturday October 12th sees a day of films exploring the theme of love and marriage in the context of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) cinema. It is put together by Camden LGBT Forum and The British Museum and all are welcome! At the end of each film one or two objects from the collections will be discussed with reference to the screening. And don’t miss the Q and A with Curator Richard Parkinson

Assimilation and Its Discontents: Q-and-A with Justin Sayre on the State of Gay Culture

Justin Sayre, Chairman of the International Order of the Sodomites; at a recent edition of The Meeting —the group’s monthly gathering that’s executed in the form of a comedy/variety show (naturally) and dedicated to a different gay icon/cultural touchstone each time, delivered a deliciously icy rebuke of modern gay taste and discourse (pegged to the MTV VMAs). This interview was conducted by as a follow up.

FANTASTIC art workshops as part of Wise Thoughts 'Creative Cultural Hub'

Want to be able to spin lyrics like Tinie Tempah? Or weave your life story with words like Nicki Minaj? Use the day-to-day environment to connect visual ideas and create striking images. The Creative Lab is an opportunity for artists of all mediums to come together to explore and share the creative process. This lab looks at identity and the many aspects of our lives that make up ‘who we are’.