Prejudice and Pride: Exploring LGBTQ History at National Trust Places

Prejudice and Pride at the National Trust The National Trust Magazine have produced an article supporting their Prejudice and Pride exhibitions across some of their sites. “Many of our places were home to, and shaped by, people who challenged conventional ideas of gender and sexuality. 50 years after the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality, we’re exploring […]

But Where I’m From it’s Illegal: A Comparative Reading of Early-20th Century ‘Gay’ Literature

A presentation that compares themes and depictions of LGBT characters and lives during the early-to-mid 20th century.’ This presentation advocates for the viability of literature as a tool for historical enquiry. That is, ‘LGBT literature’ can offer insight regarding the norms, practices, and experiences of LGBT characters and authors in their particular historical and cultural […]

Speaker Offered on Famous Victorian Writer John Addington Symonds

I’ve recently finished editing a new and complete edition of John Addington Symonds’s Memoirs, and this should be published in late January 2017 Symonds was a famous Victorian writer, and his remarkable autobiography (which survives in manuscript form, locked away in the London Library) tells the story of his struggles to understand, express and […]