Nepal Opens Centre for Victims and people with HIV/AIDS

Sunil Pant, founder of the Blue Diamond Society and former MP, has opened an international centre in Kathmandu as a sanctuary for persecuted members of the community. The South eastern nation state of Nepal intends that people can come from other less understanding nations to find solace there. Nepal was the first state to grant […]

New Zealand Passes Same Sex Marriage Bill

New Zealand’s same-sex marriage legislation has gone through its final stage and the forward thinking nation will now be the 13th state in the world to recognise same sex marriage and the first in the pacific Asia region. Sadly, Australian PM Julia Gillard wasted no time in asserting that NZ’s nextdoor neighbour would not be […]

Vietnam to consider same-sex marriage

Vietnam’s legal advisers are considering the legalisation of same-sex marriage in an overhaul of the state’s marriage laws. This would make it the first Asian state to allow same sex couples to wed. The communist state has a poor record on human rights, including routine punishments for homosexuality, so the decision comes as something of […]