Amnesty Tells Olympic committee: Pull Your Socks up over Sochi!

Amnesty International has voiced disappointment and frustration at the International Olympics committee’s (IOC’s) stance over the anti gay laws in Russia and the Winter Olympics in Sochi, following its declaration that the Russians’ assurance that gay and lesbian participants will not face discrimination is acceptable. “Russia’s law banning propaganda of ‘non-traditional sexual relations’ among minors […]

Ukraine: Can We Be in the EU and Discriminate against LGBT People Please?

On Thursday Ukraine’s Parliamentary Commissioner for Human Rights, Valeriya Lutkowska, announced that she and a number of parliamentarians will travel to Brussels to try and persuade the EU to release the country from its responsibility to legislate against discrimination. In June 2013, the Ukrainian government made a commitment to the EU that it would develop […]

Campaigners Attack US over manning Verdict

Amnesty International and the Peter Tatchell Foundation have attacked the US over the trial of Bradley Manning. Describing the trial as ‘unfair and biased’, Peter Tatchell stated that Manning was not allowed to refer to his motives or provide his own evidence. Tatchell also referred to his inhumane treatment and the constant use of solitary […]