California State Schools to Teach LGBT History

California has become the first state to mandate gay history lessons in public schools. In public school classrooms across the state students will soon be taught a subject that hasn’t been part of the curriculum before: LGBT history, the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Lorri Jean — CEO of the Gay & […]

New LGBT Timeline

Christine Burns and her colleagues at NHS North West have just launched the online version of the LGBT History Timeline after talking to Sue at LGBT History Month. It’s available here. As you’ll see, it has several components. There’s a scrolling timeline that covers more than two millenia. Then there’s the film. There’s a ‘flashbook’ […]

Transout on the streets of London, April 2002

Sometimes coming home can happen anywhere. It is when you are working together with your community for your community….. Stephen Whittle tells of the day when the community took to one of the smartest streets in London and made its voice heard: On April 16th 2002 around 100 trans people took to the streets of […]

Press For Change At Labour Conference 1997

Press for Change was invited for the first time to take a booth in the exhibition accompanying the first Labour Conference following Tony Blair’s landslide victory. The invitation was sudden, unexpected and practically at the eleventh hour. We had to pay for the stand (about £4,000) and we didn’t have that kind of money so […]