LGBT History Month Report 2007

>The report on the organisation of LGBT History Month 2007 is now available here together with reports on the previous snapbacks online. Also available are shorter reports provided to us by local organisations highlighting their own activities in the celebration of our history. The reports are important tools for securing the financial support indispensable […]

Badges 2008

>We have also just received the badges for LGBT History Month 2008 with a brand new logo designed, like the previous one, by designer Tony Malone. While History Month will keep its current logo, each edition of the Month will from now on have its own logo. The February 2008 logo cleverly highlights the diversity […]

Bulletin No 35

> The latest edition of the LGBT History Month bulletin is now available, as usual packed-full of news, information, notices of upcoming events and quotations. To access the latest bulletin please click on one of the links below:word documentpdf file You can view all previous bulletins here or register to our mailing list here.