Richmond’s First Openly-gay Mayor Hails Community Concerts

> Publisher: Ian MorganPublished: 01/08/2007 – 10:59:56 AM24Dash.comArticle available here Cllr Marc Cranfield-Adams, the Mayor of Richmond upon Thames, has announced that his community concerts raised about £4,000 for his Charity Fund. Cllr Marc Cranfield-Adams, theMayor of Richmond upon Thames The three community concerts, held at York House, were Youth Night, World Music Night, Rainbow […]

Flared Brightly, Died Young – The AIDS Generation

>A two-part documentary recalling the gay culture of Thatcher’s Britain and the emergence of HIV and AIDS. In 1979, Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister and AIDS was incubating. At the same time, a whole generation was ‘coming out’ to the world and announcing they were gay. But, for so many, their brief time was running […]

GFest- GayWise LGBT Arts Festival 2007 – Call for Submissions

>GFest – Gaywise LGBT Arts Festival aims to provide a unique platform for Queer Arts principally created by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) artists from a variety of diverse backgrounds. The festival, which will take place in November, will present the work in a creatively safe, stimulating and artistically challenging manner. It also offers […]

Get Bent! in Manchester

>Get Bent! is Manchester ‘s Alternative Community Pride Summer Festival, happening over ten days from 24th August to 2nd September 2007. Following on from the success of the last two years, Get Bent! returns this year with more queer culture, performing arts, workshops, bands, vegan cake, art exhibitions, club nights, film screenings, queeries, discussions and […]

Trans Treatment Satisfaction Survey

>HAT NEWS.One of the greatest obstacles to developing and improving medical services around transition in the UK is a lack of solid research data about patient experiences and outcomes. Anecdotal accounts often suggest that problems exist but, until now, NFL SNAPBACKS rigorous research has been undertaken to capture and classify people’s actual experiences (good […]