All About Trans

All About Trans is a group dedicated to supporting the media to better understand trans issues. Formerly known as Trans Media Action, the group has now moved into ‘phase 2’ of its campaign, working with various media organisations to promote better understanding and build a network of communication between the media and trans community organisations and representatives. […]

Mr and Mr to be Mayors of Hartlepool

A gay couple in Hartlepool are making history by becoming the first civil partnership in the country to hold the positions of council leader and civic mayor. Labour councillors Christopher Akers-Belcher and Stephen Akers-Belcher have been in a civil partnership for seven years. Christopher, who is Labour group leader, will become leader of Hartlepool Council […]

ILGA Calls for More Anti-Homophobia/Transphobia Legislation in Europe

Homophobia and transphobia exist in every state in Europe and the EU is not doing enough to combat it. That’s the bleak observation of the International Lesbian and Gay Association’s (ILGA) Evelyn Paradis in a clip from Euronews. The upsurge in prejudice based violence in France following the passing of the same sex marriage Bill […]

Bournemouth Project Reveals Homophobia in Universities

A group of Bournemouth University Sport Management students have completed a project to explore the issue of homophobia in schools and sports clubs. It revealed that homophobia, and homophobic language is widespread in schools. Over half of students hear homophobic language at school on a daily basis. A similar percentage admitted to using this language towards […]

Collins Receives Loads of Support

After becoming the first professional Basketball player in the top four leagues to come out while playing, Jason Collins has been inundated with support from his sporting colleagues. Collins, 34, was hailed as a pioneer by Martina Navratilova. One of basketball’s biggest superstars, Kobe Bryant, took to Twitter to express his support. ‘Proud of you,’ Bryant wrote. Recently […]