USA Top 100 Trans

We Happy Trans, a website that celebrates the positive experiences of transgender people, and This is H.O.W., a Phoenix-based trans advocacy organization, have teamed up for the first-ever “Trans 100” list. The list began as an idea by This Is H.O.W. Executive Director Antonia D’orsay, then developed in partnership with Jen Richards of We Happy Trans. A […]

Clare Summerskill

Let’s talk about Sex! Sexual Orientation! Being single, being married, being Gay, Bi, Lesbian, Queer, Straight and those who just see themselves as a little bit on the wonky side… Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about all these matters but were too afraid to ask …in case someone gave you a funny look!   All […]

Get Ready for the Gaybros

They serve beer at their parties. They don’t lip synch to Cher’s ‘Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves’ when it’s played over the PA. Some of them go shooting and fishing. They watch the football game. They’re not noted for the culinary skills; nor are they called upon for their opinions on interior design. They are the […]

Greater Manchester Police Protects Goths

The Greater Manchester Police Authority has announced that it will extend its hate crime legislation to protect subcultural  group members such as goths, emos and punks. The decision follows extensive work with The Sophie Lancaster Foundation after the eponymous young Goth was beaten, kicked and stamped to death by Ryan Herbert and Brendan Harris while trying […]

Nepal Government Department Puts LGBT Network under Threat

Nepal’s biggest LGBT rights organization, Blue Diamond Society (BDS), is battling against low morale after wages have not been paid for seven months. Founded in 2001, BDS successfully lobbied the government for recognition of a third gender and recently got LGBTI issues on the school curriculum. It has achieved significant gains for LGBTI rights in […]

Lesbian Glossy Published in Russia

Just as Russia‘s parliament considers passing a controversial law seen as anti-gay, a group of young women have published the first glossy magazine in the country aimed at lesbians. The glossy quarterly Agens is aimed at women who do not want to go to gay rights rallies but want to read about successful women who are […]

Milton Keynes "Straight Speaking" Group Launched

Not quite comfortable with a friend, family member or loved one coming out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning their sexuality or gender identity? Know someone that may need to talk about how they feel about this issue? “Straight Speaking” is a free event for people having problems coming to terms with a relative […]