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Schools OUT UK the charity that founded LGBT+ History Month, is run by volunteers. Our work is funded by donations, badge sales, speaking engagements and workshops.

We offer a variety of presentations on LGBT+ history, the history of Schools OUT and UK LGBT+ History Month, and inclusive education. Please see below for details and booking forms relating to your organisation.

Presentations for schools, colleges & youth groups

We offer online and pre-recorded sessions for schools, colleges & youth group settings for under 18’s and sessions for educators only.

For youth group settings the cost is £50 – £100. For schools and colleges the cost is £100 – £150. For educators the cost is £250. Costs vary based on affordability and we are able to offer a limited number of free presentations as we do not want cost to be a barrier.

Sarah Cosgriff (she/they) is a education project worker for Schools OUT who has worked in STEM education for over 10 years. Outside of her Schools OUT role, she raises the awareness of asexuality through talks, particularly within STEM sectors. They also produce and present on the podcast Queer Cuz which highlights the experiences of LGBTQ+ Filipinos. Sarah’s work was recognised by the National Diversity Awards in 2022 by being shortlisted for the Positive Role Model Award – LGBT.

Presentations for businesses, organisations, institutions & the public sector

Throughout the year we offer a variety of online presentations to businesses, organisations, institutions & the public sector, and a limited number of in person bookings. If required we can also provide a pre-recorded session.

For public sector organisations the cost is £300. For all other organisations the cost is £500 – £1000. Costs vary based on nature and scale of the event, and do not include transport costs for in person events.

Lynne Nicholls (she/her) is the Chair of Trustees for Schools OUT UK and has worked in education settings for 20-plus years in both youth work and for the past 6 years in classroom settings for Diversity Role Models and Schools OUT. Outside of her Schools OUT role, she works in the Housing sector, co-founding HouseProud, and chairs First Brick Housing, an organisation aiming to build homes for LGBT+ people.  Lynne’s work was recognised by the British LGBT+ Awards 2021 as a top 10 Diversity Hero, by OUTstanding Awards 2022 with a Top 100 Global Future Leaders Award, and in 2023 with the Women in Housing Inclusion Champion Award.

Book a presentation from Professor Emeritus Sue Sanders

Professor Emeritus Sue Sanders, CEO of Schools OUT, is available for a limited number of in person bookings throughout the year. Costs vary based on the nature and scale of the event, from £750 – £2000 plus transportation costs. If you’re interested in finding out availability or booking, please fill out the form below.

photograph of Professor Emeritus Sue Sanders by Márton Petrekovits

Professor Emeritus Sue Sanders of the Harvey Milk Institute is an “out and proud” lesbian. She is CEO of Schools OUT, an education charity founded in 1974 whose aim is to #educateOUTprejudice, making schools safe and inclusive for everyone. As co-chair with Paul Patrick, founded LGBT+ History Month, celebrated every February across the UK. This opened a world of queer history to schools, educational settings, and the wider community. Sue has spread the concept of LGBT+ History Month internationally helping organisations form LGBT+ History Months in Europe.

Schools OUT provides free lesson plans for teachers that ‘Usualise’ the lives of LGBT+ people in their full diversity. Sue coined the term ‘Usualise’ to use instead of normalise. She came up with the idea of creating a website called ‘The Classroom’ where these lesson plans and resources could be downloaded for free, and the concept of Usualising could be shared. The Schools OUT team developed the resources and launched the website in 2007.

She has worked with the Criminal Justice System extensively as a member of several independent advisory groups and she helped set up the first LGBT+ Independent advisory group to the MET. In addition, she delivered extensive training to the police and CPS after the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry.

Sue appears in Who’s Who, and has won many awards for her work in the UK and abroad including most recently a Golden Tupalik award from the International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network, The Diva Power List and the NEU lifetime achievement award.