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Brianna Remembered

Submitted by Katie Wilson, a founder of North Herts PRIDE.

I hadn’t originally planned to do a talk, because words don’t seem enough when talking about what happened to Brianna.

I’ve had moments when I’ve tried to imagine, what her last few seconds must have felt like, but I can’t- maybe because my brain just can’t accept that someone could do something so awful, horrific, evil.

These past few weeks, it’s all been back in the public  eye, and I’ve watched some of the clips of her, and read what happened and I almost feel like I know her.

We know now the names of those responsible, but this isn’t about them. This is about Brianna, that’s how her family wants it to be, last year was all about the shock, the sadness, the pain and the anger- today is about remembrance and if possible a celebration of her short life.

Her family don’t want her to be a victim, because she wasn’t – she knew who she was, and was proud of the fact. She represented everything that was why we have pride, and what happened to her- shows why we still need to have pride.

Things are a lot better in so many ways; for the LGBTQ+ community than they used to be, in this country anyway, in some parts of the world it’s a different story, but then something like this happens and you realise there’s still so much to do- perhaps there always will be.

Unfortunately there’s always going to be evil in the world, that’s just how it is.

Brianna is at peace now, no one can hurt her. She will always be that 16 year old, vulnerable girl and trying to find her way in the world like we all do.

The world is outraged at first, but then then it  moves on. We move on, everyone moves on,  apart from her family and friends. They stumble on, the best that they can, one day at a time.

How can anything good come out of something so evil ? Perhaps it brings us closer together, opens our eyes again. Opens other people’s eyes to the struggle of trans people. Her death mustn’t be for nothing.

That’s quite a lot for someone who wasn’t going to say anything. I always end with the same thing. We mustn’t hate. However easy that might be. Hate mustn’t win. Hate won’t win. Love conquers all.

Brianna is free now, just as she was free in life. She was her true self. How many people can say that ?


(A tribute to Brianna)

Like a flower stamped on, not yet bloomed,

a precious life ended, far too soon.

Was her crime being herself?

She couldn’t be no-one else.

Now they have blood on their hands,

was it because they didn’t understand?

Now what’s left behind is sadness,

because of an act of complete madness.

Her family will never know her path,

her friends will never hear her laugh (again).

Their world is now full of pain,

their ray of sunshine turned to rain.

How many more times before it stops?

Will the penny never drop?

She paid the price for being ‘free’,

but sadly, not everyone can see.

They walk around with shut-down minds,

they cannot see that they are blind.

Why do people have to hate?

We’ve all got enough on our plates.

A flower stamped on, not yet bloomed,

another life ended, far too soon.


We must educate ourselves, and grow

to open others eyes, and show

there’s more to life

than him and her

or old fashioned “Miss” and” Sir “

not everyone, I’m afraid can see

that I am simply,

not a “He”

I may look so, from outside

but that would be, simply telling lies

you only have to look inside

I really have tried and tried

to be a boy and man

the world expects

but I’m sorry, my heart reflects

the person, that I really am

I know that some

may look and laugh

they glance aside

as I walk past

their minds not ready, to undertake

the world is simply moving on

they can’t accept

they think it’s wrong

It doesn’t matter

what they think

for in my soul

and in my mind

It’s “Her”

that you will always find

A Pride Anthem

Proud of ourselves and those that we love.

Proud of our differences, that come from God.

Proud to ‘stand up’ and say this is “ME”.

Proud of my journey that sets me free.

Proud of my Father, who gives me hope,

without Him, I wouldn’t cope.

Proud of my story, the one I share.

Proud of Lord Jesus, I know that He cares.

Proud of the fact, that I cannot hide,

because of the Spirit, I cannot lie.

Proud of Katie, who helps me to speak,

gave me a voice, when I was so weak.

Proud of the things, that I have done,

there have been times, I wanted to run.

Proud of the colours, that make up our flag,

being transgender, makes me so glad.

Proud of our history, how far we’ve come,

as a community, we stand as one.

We won’t surrender to violence and hate,

We shall walk tall through heaven’s gate.

You cannot defeat us, WE WILL NOT BREAK!

Katie Wilson 23rd February 2023