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The Educators Guide to LGBT+ Inclusion

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If you are looking for a ‘how to book’ on making your school LGBT+ inclusive look no further than The Educators Guide to LGBT+ Inclusion by Kryss Shane published by Jessica Kingsley who have other useful books on the subject as well so check them out.

The book is written by an American Ally and as such is written with the knowledge of what allies need to think about to both look at their own and their institutions practice. I loved it and l really appreciated the clarity that she has in taking us by the hand and showing us what we need to do.

There are scenarios which I recognised all too well and constructive advice on how to deal with them. Kryss also suggests something I have recommended for years, rehearse your responses to tricky situations, and she offers ideas for you to riff on. There are scripts for letters and massive resources, yes, they are American but in these days of the internet they will be useful. The list of books for young people is vast, beautifully segmented so you can find what you are looking for, for any age and resources for you when you need to know more. The tone is chatty, and the book is designed so you can make notes in it. The chapter on terminology is useful and recognises the fluidity of language in both time and location.

The law is different in the USA and varies from State to State and some of the issues Americans face are awful. However we can’t be complacent here, it is clear that there are forces active in the UK that want to challenge our work, so we need to be ready to defend the vital work we do to make LGBT+ issues and lives in all their diversity visible and safe.

If you wanted to learn more about Kryss then you can see her on the first panel of Pride in Education. It’s a long recording (3.5 hours!) so you may want to check the programme on this link  so that you can skip to the bits that interest you.  
Video here   and here website is here

I thoroughly recommend the book and wish your work to usualise LGBT+ issues success. Remember you can order the book at Gays the Word and they will post it to you.

Sue Sanders