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‘United Queerdom’ by Dan Glass

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This is a must-read book! It is a powerful call to LGBT+ people everywhere to be proud, brave and challenge the homophobia that is rising around us. Dan shares with us the philosophy and passion that has inspired him to create so many thoughtful, funny and piercing protests that bring together diverse people who have been forgotten, invisibilised and deliberately discriminated against to confront the oppression, educate others and often change the situation. He introduces us to the stalwarts of the GLF and the exciting new voices that are working so hard to make this world a better place for us all.

Thanks Dan, it revitalised me, your book reminds us there is so much to do. We are living in harrowing times and you share how to protest, party and make a positive difference it is a gift!

Gays the word will stock the book and post it to you as well!