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Competition – Design the LGBT+ History Month Badge for 2023

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Every year since its launch in 2004, LGBT+ History Month raises vital funds for its work to make schools safe and inclusive for everyone through the sale of its iconic annual badge. Each year the design is distinctive, linking to the year’s National Curriculum theme. Until 2020 the design was created by university design students. For 2023 we are again offering young people the opportunity the chance to be the winning designer of our iconic annual badge.

Professor Sue Sanders, Chair of Schools Out and co-founder of LGBT+ History Month says:

“Our young LGBT+ people experience disproportionately poor mental health, homelessness and well-being due to factors such as anti-LGBT+ bullying, lack of visibility within educational settings and lack of support at home. In a year where Covid-19 has caused further disruption and negative impacts for LGBT+ young people, Schools Out UK is proud to provide this unique opportunity as part of our work to ensure young LGBT+ peoples’ needs are championed, visible and heard”.

The theme for 2023 is Art – ‘Behind The Lens’

The competition is live from 1st January 2022. Closing Date 31st March 2022

Who are we?

Schools OUT UK is the LGBT+ education charity that created LGBT+ History Month. We have campaigned since 1974 to make schools safe and inclusive for everyone.

We work with valued partners like yourselves to educate OUT prejudice, raise LGBT+ visibility by usualising the full diversity of LGBT+ lives to ensure our educational institutions are safe, inclusive and support LGBT+ young people’s well-being.

What is LGBT+ History Month and why should you be involved?

The first LGBT+ History Month was celebrated in February 2005. Its purpose is to shine a light on LGBT+ history and claim our past, celebrate our present and create our future. It is celebrated across the UK in museums, libraries, art galleries, theatres, workplaces, institutions and schools.

Surveys have shown that “Pupils in schools with strong positive messaging about being LGBT+ have drastically improved wellbeing and feel safer – regardless of whether they are LGBT+ or not” (Just Like Us – ‘Growing Up LGBT+, 2021). Taking part in the month demonstrates a commitment to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all your young people.

What is the badge competition?

Schools OUT UK wanted to give young people of all ages from 5 to 18+ the opportunity to be at the centre of LGBT+ History Month by having their art be on our annual badge, which is sold right across the UK. Proceeds from this go to fund the work of the charity.

This is a fantastic activity which can be run as part of your History Month celebrations and utilises many skills from across the National Curriculum.

How do you take part?

Simply complete the entry form online at here and attach scanned copies of the artwork by/on 31st March 2022 or by returning the form by email to

Guidelines For Designers

The theme for 2023 is ‘Art – Behind the Lens’. We will be reclaiming the work and lives of the forgotten or invisibilised LGBT+ people behind the cinema and TV cameras – directors, screen writers, designers, technician, costume, and make-up artist. We are not looking at actors/performers.

The points listed below are for teachers/lecturers/youth leaders to explain to the groups and/or individuals entering the competition.


  • One entry per Key Stage (not per institution/organisation)
Age 5 – 11Age 11 – 18Age 18+
Key Stage 1 & 2Key Stages 3,4,5College/University
  • Tertiary institutions (FE Colleges, Universities etc) should also enter one overall selected winner
  • Organisations who cover more than one Key Stage may submit entries from any or all of those Key Stages (e.g. in age category 5-11, you may submit one entry from KS1 and one entry from KS2).


  • The badge should be of any regular shape and can be designed on any sized template but should remain legible within a 5cm x 5cm square, which will be its actual scale. It should also be clear enough to be read if it were on the side of a bus.
  • Entrants may design their badge using IT or using paint, pen and paper (but please remember the final submission must be a scan image of the final design. We cannot accept physical documents).
  • Use bright colours
  • Use simple fonts


  • The badge must include the words (These can be anywhere on the design, but must still make grammatical sense):
LesbianGayBisexualTrans +
  • Faces must not be used.
  • Religious Symbols must not be used
  • Party Political symbols must not be used
  • Existing brand logos (images) must not be used
  • Slogans must not be included

Previous designs can be viewed on this PowerPoint slideshow. Please view when planning, and/or share with your students. (Note: The circle design used in 2011 was our least successful badge shape, possibly because it was seen as being a ‘typical’ badge).

Rules of the Competition

  • This competition is only for schools, colleges, universities, or youth groups and is free to enter.
  • All entries must include the application form (online or by email) and the scanned badge design in a digital format.
  • Entries must be clearly labelled with Key Stage, entrant’s age, name and institution details
  • All entries must be submitted online or by email before 5pm 31st March 2022
  • Plagiarised entries will be disqualified.
  • Only one entry per Key Stage per institution
  • The competition will be judged on 30th April 2022 by a panel of judges, whose decisions are final.
  • A winner will be chosen from each of the following age categories – 5-11; 11-18 and 18+. Each category winner will receive a £25 Love to Shop gift voucher, a LGBT+ History Month 2023 badge and either a ‘What does LGBT+ Mean?’ or ‘Have Pride’ book.
  • The overall winner will be chosen from all three categories. They will receive a £250 Love to Shop voucher and the honour of having their design made into the official 2023 History Month badge, which we will send to them in a special presentation case.
  • All winning designs will be announced on our website with the name of the school/organisation and the winner’s name on Tuesday 4th May 2022.
  • Your school/organisation is responsible for seeking permission from the young people’s legal guardians for their names to be made public. Should a young person wish to remain anonymous, only the school and age category will be publicised.
  • The prizes will be sent to the school/organisation to be presented to the winners.
  • We will have no direct contact with any young people entering the competition. All entries must be made through the nominated adult contact at the school/organisation involved.

Badge Competition 2023 – Entry Form

Organisation Name:  
Organisation Address:  
Entrant’s Name & Age (5-11: Key Stage 1 &2) 
Entrant’s Name & Age (11 – 18: Key Stage 3,4&5) 
Entrant’s Name & Age (18+: College/University) 
Organisational Contact Name:  
Organisational Contact Email:  
Organisational Contact Phone: 

I have read understood the rules and guidelines of the competition and agree to adhere to them.

I have attached digital copies of the art work.