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Go Fund Me – In Memory of Tony Fenwick

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Tony was a LGBT+ inclusive education pioneer, a trade union activist, a teacher and all round brilliant person whom we all loved so very dearly.  Our hearts are broken and we are devastated. 

Please help us raise money in honour of Tony.

We’ve chosen the organisation Schools Out UK, listed here as LGBT History Month, because that’s exactly what he would have wanted and the Schools Out family needs our help right now. 

For those that don’t know, Schools Out is an organisation that seeks to bring about a fully LGBT+ inclusive curriculum and founded LGBT+ History Month. Its a charity run by LGBT+ Educators and funded by Unions and good folk like you. 

Thank you for your contribution and we will be in touch about an event which will take place next year to commemorate our Tony.

David Braniff-herbert (National Education Union) is organising this fundraising appeal on behalf of LGBT+ History Month.  Donations eligible for Gift Aid.