History Month 2021 Is Go! PHSE – Body, Mind, Spirit

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In 2017, the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality, we chose ‘PHSE, Citizenship and Law’ as our theme. For 2021, we are returning to PHSE, but to highlight some other aspect of its syllabus – namely physical and mental health. 

The Five Faces For 2021 – 

As part of our desire to claim our past, every year since 2014 we have highlighted the life of a Lesbian woman, Gay man, Bisexual person and Trans person from history whose story we feel is worth hearing again, particularly if it is a story that has been straight-washed from the history books. In keeping with the year’s theme, we have chosen  Lily Parr – a footballer, Mark Ashton – a trade unionist, Maya Angelou – a poet, Michael Dillon –  a Buddhist and Mark Weston – an athlete, to illustrate the three qualities the PHSE syllabus aims to nurture. For the first time, we have five Faces, in keeping with out intent to include the ‘+’ in our name.

Discover more about these and previous Faces and our other resources here

Show your support for History Month with our latest themed badge:

As an organisation with no direct funding, we are reliant on sales of our badge to fund our work and allow our team of volunteers to represent Schools OUT UK at the many events that take place nationally all over the UK and Ireland. 

The badge design changes every year, and since 2011 ties in with February’s National Curriculum theme. The 2021 badge, as seen above, will be available in the coming weeks to order. We also sell lanyards in the rainbow colours, either with our without our name on them.

LGBT+ History Month sets out to celebrate our present. So we have an events Calendar for you to publicise your events. 

Afterwards, let us know what you did in during History Month, either as an organiser, participant or visitor (with JPG pictures please) and we can add them to our Your Events page