Lesbian Visibility – We See You: The Proud Trust

Over the weekend, we saw much social media activity around Lesbian Visibility Day, marked each year on 26 April. As a society, as we move towards gender neutralised language, i.e. the word “gay” to mean any person that experiences same-gender attraction, we run the risk of losing sight of women and their experiences. Hence positive representation of lesbian women becomes crucial, to make sure these women are seen, and the word “lesbian” heard! Read a blog on this.

We absolutely see and hear you, lesbian, bisexual and pansexual young women! That’s why our Young Women’s Health Project continues to go from strength to strength, as it continues to run in it’s Monday evening weekly digital space.
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We know that for many of us, this phase of adjustment has been difficult, with seemingly constant shifting sands, and learning new ways of connecting and communicating. Throughout all this turmoil, know one thing for certain: The Proud Trust stand along side many other LGBT+ youth organisations, and continue to be here, for you and young people.

Please pass the following statement of support to all young people you work with, helping you become an even more visible LGBT+ ally, and might help some become a little less of an invisible LGBT+ young person… Click the image to download:

Please get in touch. We are here.

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