Tatchell to Go to Downing Street

Theresa May has lifted the ban on Peter Tatchell and he will attend the Pride Reception at 10 Downing Street tonight (the 3rd of July 2018) at Downing Street.
Welcoming the lifting of the ban, Tatchell stated:

“Since the inception of Downing Street LGBT Pride receptions a decade ago, I have been banned from attending by successive Prime Ministers – Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron.
“Despite my 51 years of campaigning, and my role in the UK’s first Pride parade in 1972, they apparently deemed me to be the unacceptable face of LGBT activism.
“I was therefore surprised and delighted that Theresa May has invited me to this year’s reception on 3 July – just days after I wrote to her urging compensation for gay men convicted under past anti-gay laws.
“I am not much fussed about attending such receptions but I am honoured to be asked and have accepted the invitation.
“I look forward to meeting the Prime Minister and reiterating my call for gay victims of homophobic laws, who suffered so badly, to receive government compensation.
“She has already acknowledged the grave injustice done to these men, so I hope she will go one step further and recognise that these men deserve recompense for the terrible trauma of criminalisation that they went through.”