Stuart Milk is touring the UK for LGBT History Month 2018

As part of Stuart’s ongoing support of Schools OUT UK and the UK LGBT History Month initiative, he will be speaking at three events around the southwest of England this February:




Stuart Milk is an international human rights activist and youth advocate. He is the co founder and Executive Chair of the Harvey Milk Foundation. As the nephew of Harvey Milk, the iconic civil rights leader, Stuart has taken his uncle message of authenticity, example of courage and the power of collaboration onto the global stage supporting local, regional and national human rights struggles and emerging LGBT communities on the ground in over 60 nations on six continents.

Stuart, was the official surrogate on LGBT rights for US President Barack Obama and he successfully led campaigns for the establishment of the now annual Harvey Milk Day state holiday in California, he accepted the highest civilian honor in the US, the Medal of Freedom on behalf of his uncle, from President Obama. He has led historic campaigns to have Harvey memorialized on a US Postage forever stamp and a newly commissioned US Navy ship, the first LGBT person to receive either honor.