Poignant video campaign “Identities’ aims to open up discussion around 'disabled’ label.

This poignant video campaign titled “Identities’  aims to open up a discussion around the ‘disabled’ label.
To coincide with LGBT History Month, mobility bathroom specialists, Bathing Solutions, have released three videos aiming to open up a discourse around the word ‘disabled.’
Umber, comedian Laurence Clark and musician John Kelly have taken part in the campaign to tell their stories and discuss their relationship with the ‘disabled’ label and the stigma surrounding it.
CEO of Bathing Solutions Lawrence Warriner states: “We consider ourselves advocates for disabled people and supporting them has always been at the core of our brand. Through these three stories we hope to connect to people by demonstrating there are others out there battling the same issues with labels and identities.” 
Umber Ghauri, who identifies as “queer,” is a professional makeup artist, and she mainly works with people of colour and the LGBTQ community. With an interest in gender, sexuality, race and image, Umber explores how labels come together to form our identity, and how we choose labels for ourselves. Umber also discusses what it means to be disabled, and how many may not identify with the label, as it does not match up with what they believe a disability to be.
It’s a modern-day tale similar to ‘The Queer, Disabled and Women of Color suffragettes History Forgot..
Umber has  just published a piece in Indy Voices here: http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/coming-out-lgbt-gay-queer-disabled-disability-twice-sexuality-open-family-friends-a8212431.html
About Bathing Solutions 
With 25 years experience in helping customers bathe safely, Bathing Solutions were one of the first companies to specialise in the supply and installation of bathrooms designed for the mature customer. Now considered advocates of the disabled community, they’re the largest in the marketplace and most products are made onsite in their UK factory.
Bathing Solutions pride themselves on making a real difference to the lives and wellbeing of their customers. They guarantee quality products and a dedicated service – especially concerning fitting and installation. Bathing Solutions understand the needs of their customers and work hard to provide a total solution.
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