Various LGBT HM 2018 Talks Available

LGBT HM 2018 Talks: Progress & regress of LGBTIQ rights; Gender ID around world; Language & Labels in other cultures; GRA 2.0 Conflict

  • Mapping the progress and regress of LGBTIQ+ rights around the world – eg. Same-sex marriage in only 25 countries, Gender self-identity in only 7, Gay sex still illegal in 72 countries, Pride marches & LGBT groups banned in many countries…
  • The International Language of Identity & its accompanying politics – Looking at western LGBTIQ+ rights and labels and how they may erase non-western indigenous nomenclature and alternative approaches to expression…
  • When Rights Collide – Being on the Right side of History – But which side is that? Section 28 prohibited promotion of homosexuality, effectively banning its education. 30 years later the question is whether education around transgender is ‘encouraging’ children to question their gender identity and that it plays into the aims of a transgender ‘ideology’. After years of progress, the clash of rights claimed by some lesbian (&bi/ straight) feminists v the advance of trans rights is being thrashed out around the revision of the GRA (2004). It raises the issues of whether the LGBT+ movement has gone as far as it can together and who is driving social change, and is it progress? Can some older lesbian feminists and many younger trans advocates see eye to eye on this? Should it even be a debate?
  • Around the World in 80 Genders – A cultural and historical exploration of gender identity expression across time and place… (Delivered by Katy Jon Went at SOAS 2016; UEA, 2017)

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