Coventry Successfully Kicks Off the National Festival of LGBT History

Congratulations to OUTing the Past Coventry! What an excellent start to the National Festival for LGBT History; congratulations to Paul and the team at Coventry Pride.
As a first-time attendee and participant, I was impressed with the depth and range of the presentations delivered: everything from first-hand accounts of activism and reportage, the lives and roles of LGBT members in football and the military, to academic research conducted in schools and criminal record archives. This, in my personal opinion, encapsulates the breadth and diversity that the Festival espouses and aims to promote.
Cov1Taking place at the Central Library, the event was in prime position to catch the public’s eye: if somehow missed the excellent display board and LGBT History Month banner in the stairwell, their curiosity would have surely been piqued by the photographers, film students, and BBC Coventry representative conducting interviews on location.
Again, congratulations to the Coventry team on the success of their first OUTing the Past event, and here’s to a month of inclusive, informative, and empowering events.
Andrew Herm – But Where I’m From it’s Illegal: A Comparative Reading of Early-20th Century ‘Gay’ Literature   twitter-@PrideCov