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Celebrate the 40th anniversary of 'Coming Out' with Professor Jeffrey Weeks

coming-outThis year marks 40 years since the publication of the groundbreaking work ‘Coming Out: The Emergence of LGBT Identities in Britain from the 19th Century to the Present’, by Jeffrey Weeks.
SEXing the Past 2017 will commemorate this important anniversary by devoting a special session to a conversation with Jeffrey Weeks, which will provide an opportunity for reflections and questions on the development and future of LGBT history.
In addition to the revised and updated edition of ‘Coming Out’ published in 2016, his many and highly influential works on the history of sexuality include ‘Sex, Politics and Society: The Regulation of Sexuality since 1800’ (1981), ‘Making Sexual History’ (2000), ‘The World We Have Won’ (2007), ‘The Languages of Sexuality’ (2012) and ‘What is Sexual History?’ (2016). He is Emeritus Professor of Sociology, London South Bank University.
SEXing the Past 2017 marks the end of OUTing the Past: The 3rd National Festival of LGBT History.
The conversation with Jeffrey Weeks will take place on Saturday 4th March at 15:00.
CLICK HERE for more information and conference registration. Bursaries are available on request for students, independent scholars, volunteers for charities and not-for-profit organisations, as well as students at one of the four Liverpool universities.