Kop Outs’ founder Paul Amann is giving presentations for the National Festival of LGBT History

Kop Outs’ founder Paul Amann is giving presentations in Coventry on 4 February, York on 11 February, Liverpool and Preston both on 25 February.
These will cover how You’ll Never Walk Alone, the song taken from LGBT icon Judy Garland’s performance in Carousel, to be a football anthem at Liverpool, seemed very contradictory to LGBT supporters. These supporters felt isolated, discriminated against, and very often unsafe.
shankly_gatesThe presentations will show how whilst activists helped change the law for LGBT people in the 1980s and 1990s, changes for football were slow in being realised. Justin Fashanu was the only out professional player. Various groups from amateur players, trade unionists, and fans, campaigned for more inclusive football, but clubs were slow to respond.
It was only in 2011 that Liverpool FC first began to listen to an inclusive range of supporters. A range of developments saw LGBT supporters able to be active parts of the Liverpool family.
In 2016, Liverpool Pride saw the launch of Kop Outs and enjoyed a massed choir performance of You’ll Never Walk Alone with a resonance across the LGBT communities.
Paul will bring a range of personal artefacts illustrating his and others’ role in these developments and answer questions on this theme.
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OUTing the Past Coventry     Saturday 4th February 2017
OUTing the Past York            Saturday 11th February 2017
OUTing the Past Liverpool     Saturday 25th February 2017
OUTing the Past Preston       Saturday 25th February 2017