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Proud trust Makes Links with Black History Month

The Proud Trust (formerly LGBT Youth NW) have produced a new youth work and education resource pack:

“In the UK we dedicate October to exploring and learning about the rich history of Black peoples and communities; a section of history that is often overlooked, mis-represented and poorly documented, much like February where we dedicate the month to exploring and uncovering lost and hidden LGBT histories. There has been little cross over between the two months, leaving untouched a huge gap in the history that we are learning and teaching about.

Throughout the pack you will come across and learn about a diverse group of Black LGBT people, past and present from a range of backgrounds and professions. We have tried to include as many UK based people as possible too for familiarity. There are also a number of Black allies who have fought against inequalities facing Black LGBT people and communities. This pack is designed to inspire and empower young people by highlighting and celebrating a somewhat invisibilised community and by providing opportunities to learn about and explore how these unsung Black LGBT heroes have helped to shape the world they live in today.” [p3]