Tatchell Speaks on Vaernat's war Crimes

At the LGBT History Festival, hosted by Schools OUT UK and filmed by Manchester’s LGBTV in February this year, Peter Tatchell spoke of the international air-brushing of the activities of a Nazi war criminal who subjected victims to horrendous abuse because of their homosexuality, as well as the subsequent efforts to protect him from prosecution, in which the UK was complicit.
In the lecture that you can see here, Peter Tatchell explores the experiments of Dr Carl Vaernet, who, working under Heinrich Himmler undertook experiments on gay concentration camp prisoners to ‘find a cure for the problem of homosexuality’. Dr Carl Vaernet’s barbaric medical experiments were hidden from history for over 50 years. Unlike some other Nazi doctors, he was never put on trial at Nuremburg. Instead, with British military collusion, he escaped to Argentina, where he lived openly and continued his research into methods for the eradication of homosexuality.