Shake the Bottle: UCA Calls for Artwork

The University of Creative Arts (UCA) is seeking new/recent photographic work that reflect and capture contemporary LGBT experience, culture and politics. Submissions will be towards an exhibition exploring shifts in photographic representation and discourse between the late 1980s and now.
The catalyst of this event is the UCA archive of Tessa Boffin, an LGBT photographer in the 1980s/90s, who undertook work around AIDS and exploration of the tensions between contemporary media representation and ways in which performance and stereotype could be exploited through tableau, drawing on historical and mythical figures. With Sunil Gupta, Tessa co-curated Ecstatic Antibodies, an exhibition which contributed to the role that images played in the understanding of AIDS. Tessa Boffin, (with Jean Fraser) also edited ‘Stolen Glances: Lesbians Take Photographs ‘(1991). The catalogue is available here Keywords: LGBT gender & sexuality, HIV/AIDS, performance, masquerade , politics of representation The exhibition will be at the Herbert Read Gallery, University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury, to take place in September 2015.
Please see here for further information on the Gallery and previous exhibitions A series of talks responding to the themes raised will follow Dates for submission: Work should be sent by Tuesday 31st March 2015, 5pm. Please submit as PDF with an artist’s statement (maximum 300 words) contextualizing the work, to Adrian Lovis at Selection outcomes will be notified by the 30th May 2015. For any further information or questions please email Adrian Lovis at