TUC Launches Tackling Homophobia Toolkit

A toolkit designed to stamp out homophobia in football has been launched at the TUC’s headquarters by Frances O’Grady, the TUC General Secretary, with members of the alliance including Gordon Taylor from the PFA, Maria Exall, chair of the TUC LGBT committee, and Lindsay England from Just a Ball Game! The launch is also being supported by Stonewall, the Gay Football Supporters’ Federation and the Inclusion Adviser at the Football Association.
TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

”Unions are continuing to do outstanding work promoting equality at work and in society in general. This toolkit will help them reinforce the message that there is absolutely no place for homophobia in football or indeed any kind of sport.
“Union activists have used this approach at a number of professional clubs in the past and we want to build on those successes.”

Read it here.
According to the TUC website:
“The TUC is encouraging trade unions to collectively challenge the prejudice faced by many LGBT people in football and wider sport. As with many trade union campaigns we want to encourage local
victories and engagement with local clubs, supporters groups and county football associations which are vital to contribute towards removing the barriers faced by many in society.
Whilst many amongst us are football supporters; we are not assuming everyone is and those that are may not understand the structures in the game that are needed to ensure positive and collective campaigning/
action. This template will outline to everyone basic principles related to protocol to help effective campaigning.
We recommend that this initiative is primarily designed for use by trade union groups and not individuals. If any individual wishes to engage with a club we recommend approaching supporters groups, some of whom have specific LGBT sections, or if not, can look to create one specifically”.