Anti Whitewashing Campaign Does Daily Queer, Trans, Intersex People of Colour Hero on tumblr

#weshouldbeseen is King’s College London’s LGBTQ society’s 2015 history month campaign, in association and with support from KCLiFemsoc.
#weshouldbeseen aims to highlight, address and push back against the white-washing of LGBT history month, by asking people to submit inspirational QTIPOC (queer, trans, intersex people of colour) from past and present- which we will then use as a public resource.
How to get involved: Submit in the ask box (either anon or leave your name) a QTIPOC figure from past/present, public/local, grassroots org/singular person- and a short quote about why you find them inspirational. In this, you can also leave an image of them, links to their work and even a short summary of who you are.
At least one person and the accompanying quote will be posted daily throughout LGBT History month (on this page, and our facebook page) and also be made into a #weshouldbeseen booklet- so London universities have a compact and accessible resource of QTIPOC figures, to ensure they have no excuse in not white-washing their talks, presentations and history months.
Please share, submit, and #weshouldbeseen with YOUR inspirational QTIPOC figures.
To see more on tumblr go here