Fantastic Resource Launched

A new resource for teachers of English as a Second Language (ESOL) who want to raise LGBT awareness has been launched by Morley College and is available free.
Prepared by Morely College, the London music college that hosted the LGBT History Month Music Showcase in February 2014, the Educate Out Prejudice lessons and resources are the first we are aware of that focus on teachers of ESOL. However if you navigate the site there are also lessons raising LGBT awareness in other field and lessons that promote understanding of The Equality Act.
Tony Fenwick, CEO of LGBT History Month said, “This is a first. ESOL has long been considered a no-go-area for LGBT rights and yet it is perhaps particularly important to teach people who are new to this country about the human rights and equal opportunities laws in the UK. Moreover, students of ESOL and their teachers are often LGBT too.
“The Equality ACt lessons are also valuable as this Act and its Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) are being ignored or kicked into the long grass by too many institutions. We welcome this resource and hope that it will complement the lessons and reources on our own resource: The Classroom.”
It can be accessed here