Ugandan Activist: Don't Blame the Victorians; Blame the New Evangelists

Gay Ugandan activist Frank Mugisha has a message for the western world: it’s not the British Empire and Colonial rule that’s to blame for the current of homophobia sweeping the nation; it’s modern US Evangelism.
Writing in the Guardian, he fears for his safety when he returns to his native land – especially following the murder of David Kato. But Mugisha is also explains that modern Evangelists such as Scott Lively (pictured in thumbnail) have targeted the nation and promoted extreme homophobia since 2002, resulting in rabid campaigns like the ‘Hang the Homos’ articles in Rolling Stone and Red Pepper. The evangelists provide aid in return for subservience to their bigotry. Although he acknowledges that the British made homosexual acts illegal in the colony, homosexual men were known and tolerated until the New US Evangelists turned up with their virulent homophobia.
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