Imaan Says Respect LGBTQI Muslims

A group that supports LGBTQI Muslims has criticised Birmingham Mosque’s Chair Dr Mohammed Naseem and asserted their belief that, “The Qur’an upholds sexual diversity and does not condone persecution of any minorities.”
Imaan, a British Muslim organisation supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer or intersexed Muslims and their friends, partners, and families, has challenged Naseem’s alleged comment in defence of the Mosque’s ban on a debate over whether it is okay to be Muslim and gay, that being gay is like being “a compulsive murderer, gambler, paedophile etc.”.
The group also challenges his assertion that, “There are people with homosexual tendency in Muslim countries but they respect the law and control their desire as others do.” According to Imaan, LGBT people in Muslim countries more often live in “abject fear for their lives”.
Building on Naseem’s belief that sexual minorities should enjoy full human rights in the secular sphere. Imaan also commends his position that homosexuality should be further studied by “specialists in the fields of zoology, botany, genetics, sociology etc.”, and that the debate should continue between them and religious leaders.
More recent statements by Naseem, they say, distorts the image of Islam as it is perceived in western nations.